Inbound Authorized Bank Titles (API030)
  • 12 Jul 2024
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Inbound Authorized Bank Titles (API030)

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Article summary

Interface Description

The Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) creates the ABA Directory File to identify the monthly additions, deletions and updates to ACH member financial institutions. The ABA Directory File the created by the Federal Reserve is transmitted to J.P. Morgan by the 28th of each month.

J. P. Morgan provides a copy of the file by the 5th business day of the following month.

This interface will maintain all the received information in Florida PALM custom records to validate supplier bank routing numbers and to be able to share the file by saving it to the MFT server for use by the Florida Retirement System (FRS) system, and other agency business systems as needed. API030 interface will update new routing number for active suppliers present in inbound file.

Florida PALM will generate APR112 Supplier Authorized Banks Exceptions and Updates Report which will contain a listing of the supplier routing numbers that were updated and those that were not able to be validated via this process for the DFS Supplier Processor to manage and correct the supplier bank routing number as needed in Florida PALM.

Click below to view the interface file layout and sample data file. 

Business Process Model

This interface can be found in the following business process:

Run Control Parameters

The interface data selection criteria includes the following:

Data Field

Data Field Details

Run Control ID

Run control ID would be entry point to enter on the run control page. Each user will have a unique run control ID. It is just an identifier that the specific file is loaded by which user and with which Run Control ID.

File Path and File Name can be configured using Custom Interface Config page.

File Layout

The layout of the interface is listed below. 

Data FieldRecord TypeData Field Description
Routing NumberDetailThe institution's routing number.
Office CodeDetailMain office or branch.
Servicing FRB NumberDetailServicing Fed’s main office routing number.
Record Type CodeDetailThe code indicating the ABA number to be used to route or send ACH items to the RFI.
Change DateDetailDate of last change to information.
New Routing NumberDetailInstitution’s new routing number from a merger or renumber.
Customer NameDetailCommonly used abbreviated name.
AddressDetailDelivery Address.
CityDetailCity name in delivery address.
State CodeDetailState code of the state in the delivery address.
Zip codeDetailZip code in the delivery address
Zip code ExtensionDetailZip code extension in the delivery address.
Telephone Area CodeDetailArea code of the contact telephone number
Telephone Prefix NumberDetailPrefix of the contact telephone number
Telephone Suffix NumberDetailSuffix of the contact telephone number
Institution Status CodeDetailCode is based upon the customers receiver code
Data View CodeDetailData View Code

Version History

DateRevision Description
12/01/2023Original Version

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