Outbound Contract Expenditure Data (CTI003)
  • 12 Jul 2024
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Outbound Contract Expenditure Data (CTI003)

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Article summary

Interface Description

The Outbound Contract Expenditure Interface provides daily contract expenditures transactions processed in Florida PALM to the FACTS application. Only expenditures associated with contracts applicable to FACTS, as indicated by the Contract ChartField (ChartField) value and FACTS indicator on the custom Contracts Information File (CTE001), are included in this outbound interface.

This information is generated in Florida PALM from several source modules: Accounts Payables, General Ledger, and Interunit by extracting details from the source records and generating an outbound file. The outbound file is sent daily to FACTS by Florida PALM's application engine.

The application engine will execute a program to call the source records, pull the data based on established criteria, load data into a temporary table, validate the data, and generate the outbound file to send to FACTS.

The application engine will provide a processing report that provides details of any lines rejected due to errors, an explanation of errors, and the number of transactions that were processed with success.

The file format will be pipe delimited. All references to custom Application Engines/Pages/Records/Fields are subject to change.

 Click below to view the interface file layout and sample data files.

Business Process Model

This interface can be found in the following business processes:

Selection Criteria

The interface data selection criteria include the following:

Data Field

Data Field Details



As of Date


File path


File Layout

Field names and descriptions from the interface layout are provided below.

Data Field NameRecord TypeData Field Description

Record Code


This field is the row identifier and should be added at the start of each header row.

Total Count of Journals


The total count of journals included in the detail section.

Record Code


This field is the row identifier and should be added at the start of each Detail row.

Business Unit GL


Used to define an organization or organizational subset that is independent with regards to one or more accounting or operational functions for Contracts.

Journal ID


Identifies a journal entry, consisting of a header and one or more lines. NEXT functionality creates an auto-numbered unique journal IDs in Florida PALM.

Contract ID


Contract ID used to identify Contract managed by agencies in FACTS.

Voucher ID


Voucher ID is a unique identifier that is a sequential number that cannot be duplicated within an AP Business Unit.

Accounting Date


Accounting Date for the transaction. This should be the date of the voucher or the date the transaction is processed.  

Budget Period


Used to define the budget period in which a transaction is associated. This value is derived from the budget date on the transaction.



Identifies the General Ledger account value that will be used to record the transaction (i.e. ChartField value for expense)



Segregates and captures specific activities or classifies certain objectives in accordance with special regulations, restrictions, or limitations.

Budget Entity


Budget Entity ChartField represents organizations and/or functions to which appropriations are made and typically represents a program.



Category ChartField represents both appropriation categories and revenue source codes.



Maximum of 23 characters, with a breakdown as follows:
 19 integers
 2 decimals
 1 decimal point
 1 (-) sign
 23 Total
 Examples: 5000.00,1234.56,-123.45

Supplier ID


Supplier ID used on transactions to identify a grant\contract managed by the agency.

Supplier Name


Name of grantor derived from the Supplier record.

Version History


Revision Description


Original Version

05/29/2024Updated as per DDID #0638 to removed As of Date from layout

Design Document(s)

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