Appendix A – Budget Period and Budget Date (30.5)
  • 04 Jan 2024
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Appendix A – Budget Period and Budget Date (30.5)

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Article summary

Budget Period

  • Represents the State of Florida’s fiscal year (FY) that runs from July 1 through June 30, (i.e., appropriations year).
  • Four-digit value that is the last year of the designated fiscal year, (i.e., FY 23/24 will be budget period 2024).
  • Will remain open to enable Carry Forward, Fixed Capital Outlay and Continuing Appropriations transactions to process using prior years’ appropriations.
  • The Budget Period field is in the Commitment Control Module.
  • Used only on budget journal transactions (i.e., appropriations load, agency allotment budget journals, Enterprise manual budget adjustments).

Budget Date

  • Represents a calendar date field on module transactions.
  • Budget Date will default to the current date when a new transaction is created in Florida PALM.
  • Agencies using current fiscal year appropriations, the budget date does not need to be changed, as it defaults to the current date.
  • Agencies using Fixed Capital Outlay and/or Continuing Appropriations, the budget date should be changed to 06/30/XXXX, where XXXX is the budget period (i.e., 06/30/2022 = budget period 2022 = FY 21/22).
  • Based on the budget date entered, budget checking functionality checks the transaction against the appropriate budget period (i.e., FY).

Budget Period and Budget Date

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