Budget Entity ChartField
  • 07 Jun 2024
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Budget Entity ChartField

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Budget Entity represents organizations and/or functions to which appropriations are made and typically represents a program. Budget Entity values are eight (8) characters in length and remain unchanged from the values as established in LAS/PBS.

 The following design considerations are applied when defining a Budget Entity in Florida PALM: 

  • Budget Entity values are standardized statewide.
  • Budget Entity is configured under the statewide TableSet Control.
  • Budget Entity values must be uniquely numbered.
  • Budget Entity is required on all transactions.
  • Attributes may be defined when Budget Entity values are established.


The following assumptions are considered when defining a Budget Entity: 

  • Budget Entity values are determined by the Legislature and the Executive Office of the Governor’s (EOG) Office of Policy and Budget (OPB).
  • The Legislature and EOG/OPB define the appropriate correlation between Budget Entity values and State Program values.


Budget Entity values in Florida PALM are centrally maintained by DFS through an interface from LAS/PBS. Agencies are not able to add or modify Budget Entity values. Budget Entities have an effective date as of the start of the fiscal year in which the value was placed in use within Florida PALM. The ChartField Structure Request is not available for the Budget Entity ChartField.

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