Fund ChartField
  • 07 Jun 2024
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Fund ChartField

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Fund is used to segregate and capture specific activities or classify certain objectives in accordance with special regulations, restrictions, or limitations (e.g., restricted Fund). Fund values are five (5) characters in length and are based on values established by the Legislature. Fund is self-balancing, meaning that debit amounts must equal credit amounts to maintain a balanced set of accounts for that Fund. Balancing lines are automatically created by the system in all modules excluding the General Ledger.

Fund can be classified as one of the following types:

  • Budgetary Funds – used on budgetary transactions only to store appropriations, releases, and reserves budgets
  • Transactional Funds – used to record financial accounting entries or budget entries for allotments

The structure of the Florida PALM Budgetary Fund values begins with the one-character SF followed by the three-character Fund value, as established by the Legislature. Florida PALM adds a zero as the fifth character for consistent value length. Budgetary Fund values are configured for use on budgetary transactions (i.e., General Appropriations Act (GAA)/Adjusted Appropriations (GAA), budget amendments) and reporting to the Legislature and Executive Office of the Governor/Office of Policy and Budget (EOG/OPB).

The structure of the Florida PALM Transactional Fund values begins with the last three characters of the Fund value, as established by the Legislature. Florida PALM incrementally numbers the remaining two characters. The Transactional Fund values can be used to subdivide or segregate Funds to meet agency transactional or reporting needs. The SF value is captured as an Attribute on each Transactional Fund value.

The table shows an example mapping of the Legislative Appropriations System/Planning and Budgeting Subsystem (LAS/PBS) fund and the FLAIR fund to the Florida PALM fund codes:

Fund Code


Florida PALM Fund



20210 (Budgetary Fund)

02101 (Transactional Fund)

The following design considerations are applied when defining a Fund in Florida PALM:

  • Fund values are standardized statewide.
  • Fund values are configured under the statewide TableSet Control.
  • Fund values must be uniquely numbered.
  • Fund is required on all transactions.
  • Attributes are defined when Fund values are established to aid in reporting. 
  • The Tree feature is used to create and maintain hierarchical relationships between appropriate Fund values. A listing of configured trees can be accessed via the Tree Viewer functionality in Florida PALM.

For the Fund ChartField, a Tree allows for roll-up reporting at summarized levels and the translation of budget from the Budgetary Fund values to the associated Transactional Fund values. A simplified example of a Fund Reporting Tree is shown in the Table below, which shows the relationship between Budgetary and Transactional Fund levels.

Tree Levels

Tree Values

All Fund Values

All Funds

Budgetary Funds

20210 Administrative Trust Fund

Transactional Funds

02100 SC Admin TF

Transactional Funds

02101 EOG Admin TF

Transactional Funds

02102 DEP Admin TF

Transactional Funds

02103 DEO Admin TF

Transactional Funds

02104 DLA Admin TF

Transactional Funds

02105 DACS Admin TF

Transactional Funds

02106 DFS Admin TF


A ChartField Attribute provides the ability to record additional characteristics about individual ChartField values for reference or reporting purposes. Only one attribute value can be selected for each Attribute associated with a ChartField value. Attributes are used on statewide ChartFields only and are established and maintained by DFS. The Attributes below may be updated when additional attributes are identified.

ChartFieldAttributeAttribute ValueDescription of Purpose
FundsState Fund (SF) Indicator1 – General Revenue Fund
2 – Trust Fund
3 – Working Capital Fund
4 – State Infrastructure Fund
5 – Budget Stabilization Fund
8 – Local Fund
Assigned to the Transactional Fund value representing the originating State Fund value provided to Florida PALM by LAS/PBS or local fund established in Florida PALM
FundsFund TypeP – Proprietary
G – Governmental
F – Fiduciary
C – Component Unit
Assigned to Transactional Fund values representing the financial reporting classification of the fund
FundsGAAFR10 – General Fund
20 – Special Revenue Fund
30 – Capital Project Fund
40 – Debt Service Fund
50 – Enterprise Fund
60 – Internal Service Fund
71 – Private Purpose Trust Fund
72 – Permanent Fund
73 – Pension and Employee Benefit Trust
76 – Investment Trust Fund
77 – External Custodial
80 – General Capital Asset
90 – General Long-term Debt Fund
Assigned to Transactional Fund values representing the Governmental Accounting, Auditing, and Financial Reporting classification of the fund
FundsProgram InterestY or NAssigned to Transactional Fund values representing when program interest is applicable for financial reporting
FundsPercent of Restricted Fund EquityDefined when identified/approvedAssigned to Transactional Fund values representing the percent of equity that is restricted for financial reporting
FundsRevolving/Clearing Account Authorized AmountDefined when identified/approvedAssigned to Transactional Fund values representing the limit on the amount authorized for a revolving/clearing account
FundsPool Type1 – Trust Funds/CAP/Other Investments
2 – SPIA
Assigned to Transactional Fund values to designate the appropriate reporting group for invested funds
FundsGeneral Revenue Service ChargeY or NAssigned to the Transactional Fund values indicating if the General Revenue Service Charge is applicable
FundsInvestableY or NAssigned to Transactional Fund values indicating those which have authority to invest
FundsStatutory AuthorityDefined when identified/approvedAssigned to Transactional Fund values to capture the statutory authority which creates the Budgetary Fund
FundsNegative Cash Balance AllowedY or NAssigned to Transactional Fund values to indicate those which have authority to have negative cash balances
FundsInvestment Interest RestrictedY or NAssigned to Transactional Fund values to indicate if investment earnings are legally restricted for a specific purpose (i.e., particular program)
FundsRevenue RestrictionsExternal Restrictions
Constitutional Restrictions
Enabling Legislation
Assigned to Transactional Fund values indicating the type of revenue restriction, if applicable


The following assumptions are considered when defining a Fund:

  • Budgetary Funds are established by the Legislature and EOG/OPB.
  • Transactional Funds, including local Funds and investment participants, are requested by agencies for approval through DFS.
  • Agencies supply DFS Bureau of Financial Reporting (BFR) with additional information via the Fund Questionnaire form. A completed Fund Questionnaire is required to set up a Transactional Fund value in Florida PALM.


Fund values in Florida PALM are centrally maintained by DFS. Agencies are not able to add or modify Budgetary Fund values, however agencies can request new Transactional Fund values using the ChartField Structure Request and Fund Questionnaire form. As Fund values are added, or inactivated, the applicable Tree will be maintained to ensure accuracy of transactions and reporting.

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