Organization ChartField
  • 07 Jun 2024
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Organization ChartField

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Organization ChartField identifies the organizational entity associated with a transaction. Organization ChartField tracks information according to a structural breakdown (i.e., division, bureau, section) or operating unit of the agency. Organization values are ten (10) characters in length and are established based on the organizational structure defined by each agency.

The following design considerations are applied when defining an Organization in Florida PALM:

  • Organization values are agency-specific and available only for transactions within the agency. These values are not shared across agencies.
  • Organization values must be unique within a GL Business Unit.
  • Organization is required on all transactions.
  • To aid in reporting, security, and budgeting, Organization Trees will be configured.

The numbering scheme for Florida PALM Organization values will follow the legacy structure with the following changes:

  • First two digits begin at the legacy L2 level.
  • An additional one-digit numeric character is added to the end.

The Tree configuration feature creates and maintains hierarchical relationships between appropriate Organization values. This allows for roll-up reporting at summarized levels and budget translation from summary level values to detail level values. Security permissions and access can be granted at the summary level or detail level, providing the appropriate level of access to users within a particular segment of an organization. A simplified example of an Organization Reporting Tree is shown in the table below, which shows sample Agency, Division, Bureau, Section, and Unit value levels.

Tree Levels

Tree Values


Business Unit - 43000


1000000000 – Division of Admin


1010000000 – Bureau of HR


1010100000 – Recruitment Section


1010101000 - Advertising


2000000000 – Division of Regulation


2010000000 – Bureau of External Reg


2010100000 – Collections Section


2010105000 – Unit 50


3000000000 – Division 3


The following assumptions are considered when defining an Organization:

  • Agencies create Organization values for the agency’s organizational structure that includes only valid segments of the organization (per section 20.04(3) (a-d) F.S.).
  • System security will be assigned based on organizational structure and at the request of the agency.
  • HCM (Payroll) functionality is intricately connected to the agency's Organizational structure as designated by the Organization values.
  • Organization values will be placed on applicable Tree(s) for security and reporting purposes.
  • Business Unit values should not be included in the Organization's values.


Organization ChartField values are maintained by each agency. Agencies initiate the add or inactivation of Organization values. Organization Trees are maintained centrally by DFS. When new Organization values are needed, agencies will submit the ChartField Structure Request to DFS to have the value configured and added to the appropriate Tree.

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