Project ChartField
  • 07 Jun 2024
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Project ChartField

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Project is an activity or collection of activities, with a defined start and end date, designed to achieve a specific goal, outcome, or program objective. Projects can span multiple years and involve multiple funding sources. The Project ChartField is the mechanism by which financial transactions are captured for projects that may or may not be associated with grants.

Project values are up to fifteen (15) characters in length and are established as appropriate by each agency. Project ChartField values will be assigned by the agency per internal policy. If the value is not assigned it will be sequentially numbered by the system. Project ChartField values cannot be duplicated across the system.

The Project Costing (PC) module provides added accounting and reporting capabilities, including additional Project-related ChartFields that can be used to further specify or categorize transactions. Some are required and some are optional. These Project-related ChartFields are discussed in sections below.

The following design considerations are applied when defining a Project in Florida PALM:

  • PC module requires use of a PC Business Unit on transactions where a Project value is present. The PC Business Unit is the same as the GL Business Unit
  • Project values are GL and PC Business Unit specific
  • Project values are not required on all transactions
  • Project Costing module will support Fixed Capital Outlay (FCO) annual reporting requirements
  • A ChartField Combination Edit rule, is applied to require the use of a Project value if a FCO Category value is entered on a transaction
  • Use of a Project value requires use of the Activity, a Project-related ChartField
  • Project values are only established through the PC Module in Florida PALM.


The following assumptions are considered when defining a Project:

  • Agencies follow internal agency-specific procedures to establish Project values
  • The ChartField Structure Request is not available for the Project ChartField


Project values are maintained by each agency. Agencies can add or modify Project values.

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