Interface Error Handling Process (120.1)
  • 04 Jan 2024
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Interface Error Handling Process (120.1)

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Article summary

Business Process Overview

This business process addresses how Florida PALM identifies, tracks, and provides interface partners with the necessary information during interface processing which assists in locating and correcting a transaction. 

The business subprocesses included are: 

120.1.1 – Interface File Error Handling

Florida PALM provides each Agency, Enterprise Partner or 3rd Party with a specific file folder on the Managed File Transfer (MFT server) for holding inbound files. Once files are processed, interfacing parties will be notified by email if an error has occurred.   The interfacing partner will be able to review the error log in the folder specified in the email. A link to the Report Distribution Manager page will also be included which will allow users with Florida PALM access to view the error log online. The interfacing partner will be able to identify the file processed with the unique name sent for processing and the unique process instance linked to the file which was processed.   

120.1.2 – Spreadsheet Upload Error Handling

Spreadsheets are uploaded directly into Florida PALM by Agency users with appropriate Florida PALM module roles. Once spreadsheets are uploaded, users may review the results including any transaction errors in the Report Distribution Manager. 

Error Types

If errors are present, the interfacing partner or Agency user will be able to review failed records.  An error file (unique to each interface or spreadsheet upload) will provide the needed information to identify transactions which have failed and facilitate corrections in the interfacing partner source system or spreadsheet.   Once corrected, the interfacing partner can send a new file (Agency, Enterprise Partner or 3rd Party), create a spreadsheet upload (Agency only) or enter transactions directly into PALM (Agency only).  The Inbound Interface Error Handling process describes the failure points that may be encountered during processing and the steps which are required to correct the file or transaction. Depending on where in the process an error occurs, a whole or partial file may be resubmitted for processing. It is important to understand how log and error files are identified and the primary role(s) responsible for reviewing and correcting errors.  Listed below are three error types which may be encountered during inbound interface processing. 

  • Fatal Errors – File errors which cannot be processed and will abend the load program if encountered. These may be data type errors, invalid formatting, and unique key constraints. The entire file will be rejected, and a new corrected file must be submitted or transactions must be entered manually online. This type of error only applies to the 120.1.1 Interface File Error Handling process.  
  • Hard Errors – Transaction errors which cannot be processed and will be rejected.  These errors once corrected, will need to be resubmitted for processing by file, spreadsheet upload, or manual entry.  These errors may include PALM required fields which are missing, or contain incorrect ChartFields, and have monetary amounts that don’t total header and lines.  
  • Soft Errors – Transaction errors that occur downstream from the Inbound Interface Error Handling Process. These transactions cannot be processed but will be held in Florida PALM for correction.  Errors at this stage will need to be addressed to move further into the transaction tables. Agencies may elect to resolve these errored transactions online, delete and continue processing, or delete and resubmit corrected records. For enterprise partners (i.e., MFMP, STMS, Works), these transactions must be deleted and resubmitted from the source system. Transactions in error that are not addressed will remain in an error status and will not be included in further processing.  These edits include additional error checking performed by Florida PALM such as budget check errors or invalid supplier or customer id listed on a transaction.

For each error type listed above, interfacing partners have other ways of correcting or resubmitting transactions without sending a new file.  These include spreadsheet uploads and manual entry.  Generally, transaction volume will be the key determinant in which method is utilized.  

Dependencies and Constraints

Dependencies and Constraints describe any conditions or criteria that impact how or when the business process should be executed. These could be set within Florida PALM or from external sources (i.e., Law or Rule).

  • Error handling will be completed by the interfacing partner sending the transaction.
  • Florida PALM provides the ability for interfacing partners to resubmit an entire file if a fatal error occurs or partial files if hard errors are present and certain transactions are rejected during execution.
  • Soft Errors are errors that can be addressed in Florida PALM and generally corrected by the business user.  For budget check errors, transactions that originate from enterprise partners must be corrected in the source system and resubmitted for processing.  For all others, Florida PALM would hold the transaction and attempt to reprocess until corrected or deleted.

Agency Configurations

The table below identifies the Agency Configurations related to this Business Process. These items are not included within the Business Flow Diagrams; however, these items are important elements of each Business Process. 

Configuration NumberConfiguration Description

Configuration Maintainer





The table below identifies the Conversions related to this Business Process. These items are not included within the Business Flow Diagrams; however, these items are important elements of each Business Process. 

Conversion NumberConversion DescriptionSource




 Version History

DateRevision Description


Original Version



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