Process Warrant Payments (30.4.2)
  • 16 Jul 2024
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Process Warrant Payments (30.4.2)

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Article summary

Business Process Overview

The Process Payments business process consists of business subprocesses that include selecting Vouchers scheduled for payment, creating electronic and warrant payments, verifying sufficient cash is available for creating the payments, transmitting payment files to the bank via Financial Gateway, and creating payment registers, remittance advices, and information required for transparency sites.

Business Process Diagram

Business Process Diagram for 30.4.2 Process Warrant Payments

Business Roles

The Business Process Flow Diagrams use horizontal swim lanes to depict where activities are performed by different parties or systems. Each swim lane is titled with a role, either agency-based or within DFS, and in some cases, are representative of an external entity or system. The swim lanes may change from page to page within a single business subprocess as more or fewer roles are required to execute sections of the business subprocess. 

  • DFS AP Payment Viewerenterprise role responsible for managing and reconciling disbursements of warrant payments across all agencies
  • Bank: a third party financial institution where State of Florida payment files are sent for processing
  • Florida PALM: system used to process and manage payments for the State of Florida (Not a Florida PALM End User Role)

Business Process Flows Details

The tables below describe steps in each business subprocess as reflected on the Business Process Flow Diagrams. The tables also reflect information associated with each step describing the intent of the specific process. Florida PALM screenshots are included within the sections to allow connections to be made from specific business subprocess steps to screens within Florida PALM. This information should be read in conjunction with the Business Process Flow Diagrams.

Process Step IDProcess Step TitleDescription of Process


Generate Warrant Payment Files

After Payment Creation, Florida PALM generates the warrant files for all vouchers where System Check Payment Method was selected. Suppliers are paid by warrant if the prenote validation is not complete or if an electronic payment has been returned by the bank.


Outbound Warrant Print Extract (API007)

The Outbound Warrant Print Extract is generated by Florida PALM to be saved in the appropriate location on the DFS Transmittal server for access by authorized users.


Print Warrants

The DFS AP Payment Viewer is an authorized print user that has access to the Warrant Print Extract on the specified server location and sends the print ready file to print the warrants. The DFS AP Payment Viewer sorts the warrants for distribution. 


Receive/Sort/Distribute Warrants

After all warrants have been printed, they are sorted by Supplier, BU and Payment Handling Code, and mailed to suppliers or distributed to agencies.

The Warrant Printing Report is used by the DFS Payment Viewer and other authorized roles to reconcile the count of warrants actually produced in each Pay Cycle against the count of warrants in the Warrant Print Extract. The Warrant Printing Report is also used to assist with the distribution of warrants to each agency. Agency personnel reviews the BU specific page of the report to make sure the count of warrants listed on the report matches the actual count of warrants received and signs the report as confirmation.


Outbound Positive Pay File (API005)

The Positive Pay File identifies all warrants issued within the System Check Pay Cycles and is sent to the bank. The Positive Pay File is an input for the bank reconciliation, and is a control used by the bank to validate the warrants when presented to the bank.


Process Positive Pay File

The bank receives the Positive Pay File and uses it to match the warrants issued with those presented to the bank to be deposited or cashed. The bank compares the information it has on file with each warrant presented, and any warrant considered to be potentially fraudulent is provided to DFS for examination.

Accounting Events

Accounting events originate during transaction processing in the applicable source module. The accounting events impact the source module, Commitment Control ledgers, and the General Ledger (Actuals).

  • Source Module accounting entries require user input (I) of the primary line (i.e., expenditure, revenues) with an automated (A) system offsetting line (i.e., payable, receivable) during transaction entry. The source model transaction must pass Edit Check, Budget Check, and Cash Check (on applicable entries) prior to posting the transaction.
  • The Run Budget Check (Commitment Control) process automatically affects balances in the appropriate budget ledger (i.e., appropriation, spendable cash) if the transaction passes the budget check process.
  • After the transaction is posted in the source module, an automated system process summarizes and posts the entries in the General Ledger module to the Actuals Ledger.

The table below provides the most common accounting events applicable to this business process.

Acct Event ID 

Accounting Event

Commitment Control Ledger(s) Impact

Source Module Accounting Entry

General Ledger (Actuals) Entry



Key Reports are displayed as icons with the Report Number on the Business Process Flow Diagrams. The table below provides the reports identified to be produced at a particular process step or is used to support the completion of a process step.

Report Number


Report Description

Report Source

Report Frequency




Warrant Printing Report – a listing of warrants printed for distribution


Periodic, Daily



The table below provides the Interface IDs for each interface identified on the Business Process Flow Diagrams.

Interface Number

Interface Description

Interface Frequency




Outbound Positive Pay File – outbound interface containing detailed warrant information to the bank to facilitate warrant clearance


Florida PALM

JPM Chase


Outbound Warrant Print Extract – outbound interface containing print ready warrants for printing warrants via the external printer application system


Florida PALM

DFS Transmittal Server


The table below provides the Form Numbers for any forms identified on the Business Process Flow Diagrams.

Form Number

Form Description




The table below provides the Workflow Numbers for any workflows identified on the Business Process Flow Diagrams.

Workflow Number

Workflow Description



Version History


Revision Description


Original Version


Added role:

  • Bank: a third party financial institution where State of Florida payment files are sent for processing

Updated language in Steps 3, 4, & 5


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