Inbound Budgetary Code Values (GLI004)
  • 29 May 2024
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Inbound Budgetary Code Values (GLI004)

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Article summary

Interface Description

Budgetary Codes are developed and published in the Legislative Appropriation System/Planning and Budgeting Subsystem (LAS/PBS). These codes must be setup or updated in Florida PALM for budgeting and transactional use. This interface will process Budgetary code details from LAS/PBS into Florida PALM system configurations based on a file received from LAS/PBS. Florida PALM Budgetary ChartFields are: Fund, Category, Budget Entity and State Program.

Click below to view the interface file layout and sample data file.

Business Process Model

This interface can be found in the following business process:

Selection Criteria

The interface data selection criteria includes the following:

Data Field

Data Field Details


File Layout

The layout of the interface is listed below.

Data FieldRecord TypeData Field Description
Record CodeDetailA code indicating the type of Budgetary ChartField value
Set IDDetailA value code that represents a set of accounting control information.
ValueDetailFlorida PALM ChartField value.1 - Fund Code, length = 52 - Budget Entity, length = 83 - Category, length = 64 - State Program, length = 10
Row DateDetailRow Date is used in conjunction with the Identifier field to determine the Effective Date in Florida PALM. When Identifier = 1, adding a new value. Row Date is expected to equal current date. GLI004 will use the Row Date to find 1st day of fiscal year in which the row date exists. The 1st day of the fiscal year will be used as the Effective Date (see examples). When Identifier = 4, Inactivating an existing value. Row Date is expected to equal current date.
Effective StatusDetailEffective status indicates the status of the ChartField on the effective date.
DescriptionDetailTitle/Name of the value. LAS/PBS will send their 26-character description for this field
Long DescriptionDetailLong Description of the value. LAS/PBS will send their 150-character description for this field.
Budgetary OnlyDetailThis Y/N field is used to identify if the value is for Budget use only. Y = Yes, value is for budget use only N = No, value can be used for transactional entries.
IdentifierDetailIdentifier is the action requested for the Record Code and Value fields. 1 = Add 2 = Update 3 = Delete 4 = Inactivate 5 = Activate

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