Outbound Asset Extract (AMI003)
  • 22 Jul 2024
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Outbound Asset Extract (AMI003)

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Article summary

Interface Description

The AMI003 interface extracts physical and cost information for asset records within Florida PALM. Core asset tables within Florida PALM contain the information for each asset record utilized for the outbound asset extract. This extract provides the capability for the system to integrate with external systems.

Click below to view the interface file layout and sample data file.

Business Process Model

This interface can be found in the following business processes:

Selection Criteria

The interface data selection criteria includes the following:

Data Field

Data Field Details

 Business Unit (Required) 


A specific BU, or ‘%’ to extract asset details for all business units that a user has access to. 

Last Update Date From (Required)


A date picker to select the last updated date of the asset. 

Last Update Date To (Required) SYNCDTTM
A date picker to select the last updated date of the asset. 

File Layout

Due to the complexity of this interface layout, please refer to the file layout above.

Version History


Revision Description


Original Version


Administrative and design updates for DD# 0653 including the following:

> Addition of fields:

1) Area ID

2) Agency Defined Attributes

3) Agency Code

4) Asset Cost Book

> Removal of fields:

1) Property Item Number

> Updates to Required Field column:

1) Tag Number

2) Asset on Loan

> Updated Action Record Type to 'Asset'

> Clarifications made to processing rules and example values


Administrative and design updates for the following DDs:

DD# 0654:

> Swap Improvement Description and Improvement Date in the sample data file.

> Change Replacement Asset Flag to Not Required.

> Reflect 1 character for Lease Status in sample data file.

> Reflect 10 characters for Short Description in sample data file.

DD# 0655:

> Remove OCA user defined attribute.

DD# 0656:

> Update 'Report Individual' to 'Report Individual ID' and use 20 character field.

> Add 'Report Individual Name' and use 50 character field.

> Update 'Assigned Empl Name' to use 50 character field.

DD# 0663:

> Update database field name used for user defined attributes.

DD# 0664:

> Add 'Book' field to Retirement record.

DD# 0665:

> Update processing rules for Lessor field.

06/04/2024Updates for DD# 0669 - added License and Warranty record types on file layout.
06/21/2024Updates for DD#0687- added Chartfield Sequence Number.
Admin update to reflect standard format for DateTime fields. 

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