Add or Modify Grant (90.2.1)
  • 16 Jul 2024
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Add or Modify Grant (90.2.1)

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Article summary

Business Process Overview

Section 215.985, Florida Statutes, requires that the receipt and disbursement of Financial Assistance (by contract) be recorded within FACTS. Agencies must record their Grant values within FACTS, unless the Agency is specifically exempt per Statute. Integration with FACTS will create a new or update existing Grant ChartField.

A Custom Grant Information page will contain general Grant information, including grantor identifier, name, and type, and any associated Federal or State assistance numbers for each Grant which support reporting needs.

Business Process Diagram

Business Process Diagram for 90.2.1 Add or Modify Grant

Business Roles

The Business Process Flow Diagrams use horizontal swim lanes to depict where activities are performed by different parties or systems. Each swim lane is titled with a role, either agency-based or within DFS, and in some cases, are representative of an external entity or system. The swim lanes may change from page to page within a single business subprocess as more or fewer roles are required to execute sections of the business subprocess. 

  • Agency GM Processor: agency role responsible for entering information on the Grant Information Page.
  • Agency Various Roles: role(s) within the agency responsible for ensuring correct and accurate data is recorded in the Florida Accountability and Contract Tracking System (FACTS).
  • Agency GM Maintainer: agency role responsible for ensuring accurate grant information is recorded, uploading Grant Upload Spreadsheet to add or modify grant information, and updating the Grant ChartField Status.
  • Agency Grant Reporter: (role not shown as a swim lane on flow diagram) role assigned to view grant data within Florida PALM.

Business Process Flows Details

The tables below describe steps in each business subprocess as reflected on the Business Process Flow Diagrams. The tables also reflect information associated with each step describing the intent of the specific process. Florida PALM screenshots are included within the sections to allow connections to be made from specific business subprocess steps to screens within Florida PALM. This information should be read in conjunction with the Business Process Flow Diagrams.

Process Step ID

Process Step Title

Description of Process


Identify a need to Add or Modify a Grant

Grant ChartField values within Florida PALM are used to track financial activity for all Financial Assistance, which provides support or stimulation to accomplish a public purpose.

Agencies exempt from recording the receipt of financial assistance in FACTS, as defined in 215.985, F.S., may add or modify Grant values via manual online entry, using the Spreadsheet Upload (GMI008), or via an interface from their Agency Business System (GMI001). All other Agencies must establish Grant values directly within FACTS.


Record/Modify Grant directly in FACTS

Agencies, NOT exempt from FACTS, must record grant information directly into FACTS to add a new or updated grant value within Florida PALM.

If the user determines the ALN or CSFA value needed for the grant, is not available in FACTS, the Agency GM Processor will need to request a value be added to Florida PALM via 90.2.2 Add or Modify ALN/CSFA subprocess.

Users with the Agency Grant Reporter role will have access to reports and read only access to Grant Information page.


Inbound Grant Data

(GMI001, GMI008)

Agencies exempt from recording information in FACTS may utilize the Grant Spreadsheet Upload or interface directly from their Agency Business System to add or modify Grant values within Florida PALM.

Grant values and relevant information for all other Agencies will be interfaced directly from the FACTS system.


Perform Interface Error Checking

If the file is rejected, all transactions in the file are rejected and the file must be resubmitted once the issue is resolved.

If the file is not rejected, edit validations are performed on each transaction before the data is allowed to load for processing in the Grant Information Pages. Additional edits will be performed during the transaction life cycle.

Rejected transactions are managed through the 120.1 Interface Error Handling Process.

This error checking process will validate the following information for Grant Information:

  • Supplier Validation


Load Grant Information

If the file passes the interface error checking process successfully, the data will be loaded to Florida PALM.


Record/Modify General Grant Information


Agencies exempt from recording information in FACTS, as defined in 215.985, F.S., may use the custom online Grants Information Page to add or modify a grant value or associated information, directly within Florida PALM.

See Figures 1 through 3 Grant Information Page

If the Agency GM Processor determines the ALN or CSFA value needed for the grant is not available in Florida PALM, the Agency GM Processor will need to request a value be added via 90.2.2 Add or Modify ALN/CSFA subprocess.


Update ChartField Status

The Agency GM Maintainer will review grant values and information established online for completeness and update the status. Updating the status triggers the systematic establishment of the Grant ChartField value and makes the value available for use on transactions. This manual step is only needed for FACTS exempt agencies using online entry.

Grant values added or updated through interface, or the Spreadsheet Upload will be loaded with the appropriate status.


Grant ChartField value Created/Updated

The Grant ChartField value is created and available for use on a transaction. Newly activated values and updated ChartField values will be reflected on GLR091 ChartField Value Report.

Grant Information Page

The following screen shots are conceptual mockups of the Grants Information Page and its related pagelets. The Grants Information Page is a group of online pages that are used to add new, update or search and view established Grant ChartField values and associated information. This group of pages will be view only for all agencies unless exempt from recording information within FACTS per 215.985, F.S.

The Grant Information Page is divided into four pagelets:

  • General Information – used to record the basic, or general, information about the grant. Reference Figure 1
  • Letter of Credit - used to record Letter of Credit (LOC) and subaccount values associated to the grant and needed for the purposes of completing drawdowns from the grantor’s financial system. All information on this tab is optional, but a Letter of Credit value is required to record subaccount values. Reference Figure 2
  • ALN/CSFA – used to record Financial Assistance reference numbers, both federal and state if applicable for the grant. Multiple values of each are allowed. If multiple values are recorded, a Primary ALN and Primary CSFA must be identified. Reference Figure 3
  • ChartField Activation – used to update the status of the Grant value for use on a transaction within the Grant ChartField. This tab is populated with information from the General Information tab but is only add/update accessible by the Agency GM Maintainer role, within Business Units exempt from recording information in FACTS. Reference Figure 4

Figure 1: Grant Information Page – General Information

Figure 2: Grant Information Page – LOC/SubAccount Information

Grant Information Page – LOC/SubAccount Information

Figure 3: Grant Information Page – ALN and CSFA Information PageGrant Information Page – ALN and CSFA Information Page

Figure 4: Grant Information Page – ChartField Activation

Grant Information Page – ChartField Activation

Accounting Events

Accounting events originate during transaction processing in the applicable source module. The accounting events impact the source module, Commitment Control ledgers, and the General ledger (Actuals).

  • Source Module accounting entries require user input (I) of the primary line (i.e., expenditure, revenues) with an automated (A) system offsetting line (i.e., payable, receivable) during transaction entry. The source model transaction must pass Edit Check, Budget Check, and Cash Check (on applicable entries) prior to posting the transaction.
  • The Run Budget Check (Commitment Control) process automatically affects balances in the appropriate budget ledger (i.e., appropriation, spendable cash) if the transaction passes the budget check process.
  • After the transaction is posted in the source module, an automated system process summarizes and posts the entries in the General Ledger module to the Actuals Ledger.

The table below provides the most common accounting events applicable to this business process.

Acct Event ID 

Accounting Event

Commitment Control
Ledger(s) Impact

Source Module
 Accounting Entry

General Ledger (Actuals) Entry



Key Reports are displayed as icons with the Report Number on the Business Process Flow Diagrams. The table below provides the reports identified to be produced at a particular process step or is used to support the completion of a process step.

Report Number


Report Description

Report Source

Report Frequency




ChartField Value Report – Listing of ChartField values established.


Periodic, Monthly

Agency, DFS


The table below provides the Interface IDs for each interface identified on the Business Process Flow Diagrams.

Interface Number

Interface Description

Interface Frequency




Inbound Grant Data – Inbound interface containing Grant details from agency business systems or FACTS.


Agency Business System and FACTS

Florida PALM


Inbound Grant Spreadsheet Upload – Inbound interface to allow mass upload of Grant values via spreadsheet (Excel) upload.



Florida PALM


The table below provides the Form Numbers for any forms identified on the Business Process Flow Diagrams.

Form Number

Form Description




The table below provides the Workflow Numbers for any workflows identified on the Business Process Flow Diagrams.

Workflow Number

Workflow Description



Version History


Revision Description


Original Version

02/05/2024Minor updates and updated Figure 1
6/21/2024Removed link to GMI001


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