• 03 Jun 2024
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Conversions refer to the activities of transforming legacy data and loading it to Florida PALM. Florida PALM will use legacy data from FLAIR and Agency Business Systems to populate opening balances in the General Ledger and the data needed to support operations. As the conversion designs are completed, the Project will provide a list of new or updated conversions. 

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Accounts Receivable Module Conversions

IDConversion NameConversion Description
ARC001CustomerConversion of active Customers from Agency Business Systems.
Open Accounts Receivable
Conversion of open customer level detail accounts receivable subject to collection or required to be tracked for other purposes.

Asset Management Module Conversions 

IDConversion NameConversion Description
AMC001Assets and PropertyConversion of all types of active depreciable and non-depreciable tangible personal property, intangible assets, buildings and real property, or attractive items that are tracked for custody and reporting purposes.

General Ledger Module Conversions

IDConversion NameConversion Description
GLC001LedgerConversion of beginning balances for statewide and agency level data.

Grants Module Conversions 

IDConversion NameConversion Description
GMC001Grants (for Accounting Purposes)Conversion of titling and administrative information required to manage active grants, with details for applicable relationships.

Project Management Conversions 

IDConversion NameConversion Description
PCC001Projects (for Accounting Purposes)Conversion that will consume nonfinancial data pertaining to projects and insert the data into the Florida PALM Project Costing records. The data is imperative for the transition from the current FLAIR operating system/agency business systems to the Florida PALM operational system for projects. Agencies will need to verify project data before providing information for conversion.
PCC002Projects Life-to-Date BalancesThis conversion will provide agencies with access to historical and current information within one database. Agency users will be able to access this information by running various reports and/or queries because the data will be loaded into the Florida PALM project transaction table.

Purchase Order Module Conversion

IDConversion NameConversion Description
POC001Open EncumbrancesConversion of open Encumbrance balances that are authorized for continued use.


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