Grants Management Overview
  • 21 Jun 2024
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Grants Management Overview

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Article summary

What is Grants Management? 

Grants Management in Florida PALM includes functions that support setup and maintenance of grant values and titles for use in accounting and reporting. This includes recording the relationships to specific program identifiers and other related grant data, like Assistance Listing Number (ALN) for federally funded grants and the Catalog of State Financial Assistance (CSFA) number for state funded grants.

ALNs are assigned to each federal program that provides federal Financial Assistance. These values are assigned by the Federal Government and added to Florida PALM, as needed, by the Department of Financial Services (DFS). These values are used to support grant reporting including the annual Cash Management Improvement Act (CMIA) processes and the Schedule of Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA) reporting processes.

CSFA is a unique number used within the State of Florida to track projects associated with state financial assistance. These CSFA values are assigned and maintained within Florida PALM, by DFS and are used for various reporting purposes including the completion of the Florida Single Audit Act Report.

What is a Grant?

Receipt of Financial Assistance from the Federal Government, State or Local Government, non-profit or for-profit entity or individual, by any official, officer, commission, board, authority, council, committee, or department of the executive or legislative branch of state government.

Types of Grants

  • Memoranda of Agreement (MOA)
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
  • Cooperative Agreements
  • Pass-Through Grants
  • Discretionary Grants (Project Grants, Competitive)
  • Mandatory Grants (Entitlement, Block Formula)

How will Grants Management be handled in Florida PALM?

Grants will be handled similar to how they are handled today in FLAIR. The FACTS system will update Florida PALM for active Grants, and if updated in FACTS, the information will be updated in Florida PALM. For Agencies Exempt from using FACTS, will add or update Grant information directly within the Grants Information Custom Page or through interface.

Grants Management Lifecycle

Below shows the flow and related components of the Grants Management Lifecycle in Florida PALM. The information is further defined in the sections below.

Diagram  Description automatically generated with medium confidence

Receive Grant

What is different or changing?

  • Florida PALM includes processes to ensure all grants are established in FACTS.
  • One system with one main General Ledger (no Departmental or Central).
  • Agencies will have two options for tracking grant activity in Florida PALM:
    • Grant Value Only
    • Grant and Project Value In Combination
  • For agencies exempt from using FACTS (§215.985, F.S.), they will enter the Grant information in Florida PALM manually, by spreadsheet upload, or through interface (GMI001, GMI008) with an Agency Business System.
  • Agencies may continue to use Other Accumulators (OAs) similar to Other Cost Accumulators (OCAs) in FLAIR
  • The Grant Information Page is view only for most agencies.

What is the same?

  • All grants are to be created/recorded in FACTS unless the agency is exempt (§215.985, F.S.).
  • CSFA requests still require DFS forms:
    • DFS A2 PD – State Project Determination Checklist
    • DFS A2 NS – Recipient vs. Vendor Determination

Assign ALN or CSFA

What is different or changing?

  • DFS will enter new ALN or CSFA values in Florida PALM online or by using spreadsheet upload (GMI010 ALN/CSFA).

What is the same?

  • No change to the Agency process for requesting a new ALN or CSFA.

Monitor Grant and CMIA

What is different or changing?

  • Corrections are made in the Source Module.
  • Corrections should be made within the same accounting period in which the erroneous transaction occurred.
  • Adjustments should occur within the Fiscal Year in which the error occurred.
  • Grants are structured around Accounting Periods and Budget Periods (monthly and year end closing of periods).

What is the same?

  • Reports available today for monitoring will be available in Florida PALM (e.g., Trial Balance, Schedule of Allotments).

Closeout Grant

What is different or changing?

  • Agencies will close grants in FACTS, which will feed the status to Florida PALM for update.
  • Exempt agencies will close grants directly in Florida PALM.

What is the same?

  • Agencies should verify financials are in order prior to closing a grant.
  • All related projects and encumbrances should be closed prior to closing a grant.

Other Helpful Information

  • There are no Enterprise Configuration values for Grants Management.
  • Florida PALM will have a custom Grant Information Page. It will include tabs to separate Grant Information, ALN and CSFA information, ChartField Activation, and Letters of Credit information.

Grants Management Resources

Associated Business Process

90.2 Create and Maintain Grants


The table below provides the Interface IDs for each interface identified with 90.2 Create and Maintain Grants.

Interface Number

Interface Description

Business Process or Sub-Process


Inbound Grant Data – Inbound interface containing Grant details from agency business systems or FACTS.

90.2.1 Add or Modify Grant


Inbound Grant Spreadsheet Upload – Inbound interface to allow mass upload of Grant values via spreadsheet (Excel) upload.

90.2.1 Add or Modify Grant


Inbound ALN/CSFA Spreadsheet Upload – Inbound Interface to allow DFS to update ALN/CSFA data and CMIA funding in the ALN/CSFA tables via spreadsheet (Excel) upload.

90.2.2 Add or Modify ALN or CSFA

90.2.4 Monitor CMIA


Outbound ALN and CSFA Extract – Outbound Interface containing active Assistance Listing Numbers (ALN) and CSFA numbers.

90.2.2 Add or Modify ALN or CSFA

90.2.4 Monitor CMIA


The table below identifies the Conversions related to Grants. These items are not included within the Business Flow Diagrams; however, these items are important elements of preparing for Florida PALM.

Conversion Number

Conversion Description

Business Process or Sub-Process


Grants (for Accounting Purposes) – Conversion of titling and administrative information required to manage active grants, with details for applicable relationships.

90.2 Create and Maintain Grant Information

90.2.1 Add or Modify Grant


Key Reports are displayed as icons on the Business Process Flow Diagrams. The table below provides the reports related to Grants during a particular process step or used to support the completion of a process step. 

Report RICEFW IDReport DescriptionBusiness Process or Sub-Process
APR027Payment Summary – A report used to compute the number and dollar amount of payments made by warrant and/or ACH run day, per month, or other user-defined time-period.90.2.4 Monitor CMIA
APR064Clearance Pattern Report – Information detailing the clearance pattern for designated projects.90.2.4 Monitor CMIA
APR118Payment Lifecycle Report – An account of the number of days between agency payment approval, payment posting, payment issuance, and payment settlement and store for reporting and statistical purposes.90.2.4 Monitor CMIA
GLR079Cash Balance and Activity Report – Listing of cash balance and related cash transactions for requested combination of ChartFields.90.2.3 Monitor and Closeout Grant
GLR099Trial Balance Report – Listing of debit and credit activity by ChartField and date.90.2.3 Monitor and Closeout Grant
90.3.2 Monitor and Closeout Contracts
KKR008Schedule of Allotment Balances Report – Customized record of allotments, encumbrances, expenditures, and associated remaining balances for designated time periods grouped by designated ChartFields and ChartField combinations.90.2.3 Monitor and Closeout Grant
90.3.2 Monitor and Closeout Contracts

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